Projector Screens


CLASSIC Manual Screen

Ideal for classroom or small to medium sized groups Easy to operate. No extra accessories needed Insta Lock device for reliable and safe operation Convenient to pull and extend, easy to be adjusted to any interval to fit variety of projection formats Convenience of ceiling mount and wall mount .

(Available in Matte White Fabric only)

Compact Tripod Screen


• Octagon unbreakable steel casing
• Lightweight and durable structure for mobility
• 7 levels of built-in keystone eliminator neutralizes picture distortions
• Fast and easy to setup and retract
• Flat screen fabric for perfect images
• Strong and durable tripod stand

(Available in Matte White & Silver Gray )



Deluxe Motorized Synchronous screen

Ideal projection screen for home theater movies, classroom training or conference room presentations.
The projection surface utilizes unique materials creating a smooth surface for superior image quality.
Back of fabric is completely blacked out, no light can pass trough. Possible to hang in front of the window.
Synchronous motor driving device, free to stop at any location.
Comes with cordless remote control

(Available in Matte White Fabric only)

Other Accessories:

Lamps: (Total Solution for 46 brands/1634 models of LCD/DLP Projectors )

Projector bulbs (usually called projector lamps) are one of the few user replaceable projector parts. Unlike a car headlight or standard light bulb, a projector headlight (replacement lamp module) varies by model.

With metal halide lamps, you’ll notice a dimming of the image brightness as the lamp loses power. The number one cause of lamp failure is excessive heat. Projector bulbs typically last about 2,000 hours on most models. Some of the newer projectors offer extended lamp life of 3,000 hours, and a few are up to even as much as 5,000 hours.

Keep in mind however that some projector bulbs won’t make it all the way to their estimated life spans, if you operate your projector in a warm environment that is not adequately ventilated, or at higher elevations, this can reduce lam life.
Also failing to keep the air filter clean may reduce lamp life as well. And some lamps will just fail sooner than others estimating average lamp life is not an exact science.