Grand view Projection Screens

Whether you need a front projection screen or are considering the benefits of rear projection, you have come to the right place. Choose one of our popular electric, manual or rear projection screens for permanent applications or from our wide range of portable screens if your needs require moving the screen to different locations.


WMS 100 (Wireless Presentation System)

wireless presentation system

WMS 100 Image, which features a seamless hardware-software integration,
is designed to send and receive screen-captured images between PCs, notebooks, and hardware adapters. The receivers can be either PCs/notebooks, or hardware adapters that normally connect to projectors.

Extron Switchers & Control Systems

We offer various product from extron electronic who is a leading manufacturer of Switchers and control systemsprofessional A/V system products including computer-video interfaces, switchers, matrix switchers, distribution amplifiers, video scalers, scan converters, signal processing devices, Ethernet control interfaces, and high resolution cables.