Mimio View

mimio view class

What if your document camera let you easily add pictures or live video to your interactive whiteboard lessons?

The MimioView™ document camera is fully integrated with MimioStudio software and the MimioTeach system, making it easier than ever to capture images and present them in your lessons.

  • Enjoy effortless setup – just connect the camera to a USB port on your computer and you’re ready to capture images.
  • Forget about dealing with other power sources and wall cords.
  • Annotate images, turn them into files or save them for future use.
  • Give presentations for students while they remain in their seats.

Take pictures or video with the MimioView camera.

  • Capture both dimensional objects and flat documents.
  • Zoom in close on your subjects and capture images at an angle with the camera’s gooseneck arm.
  • Autofocus images by pushing a single button.
  • Align documents easily with the convenient straight edge on the camera’s base, for perfect placement every time

The MimioView camera’s advanced design includes:

  • USB-cable operation – no wall cord
  • 5.5X mechanical zoom
  • 1600 x 1200 UXGA resolution
  • Two adjustable light sources
  • Autofocus and colour balance
  • Straight-edge document alignment
  • Freeze function
  • Video annotation


  • MimioStudio softwaremimio view
  • Computer
  • System Requirements for MimioStudio software

Included with MimioView

  • MimioStudio software
  • MimioView Camera
    • 5.5x manual and 16x digital zoom
    • 1600 x 1200 optical resolution
    • Autofocus and colour balance
    • Freeze function
    • Microscope adapter
  • 2 adjustable LED light sources
  • 1 “micro-B” USB cable (3 metres /10 feet)
  • Straight-edge alignment
  • Flexible gooseneck arm