Interactive whiteboards hyderabad

| April 28, 2012

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interactive whiteboards hyderabad

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A leading edge of Education. Around the world, interactive whiteboards are transforming classrooms into alive, welcoming environments where students are granted the freedom to learn like they think. And that’s a beautiful thing.
Interactive tools / boards enable anything that can be seen or done on a computer screen to be projected onto a whiteboard or even a wall. Sounds simple enough, but seeing it (and your students) in action is nothing short of magical. Hide, reveal, spotlight or highlight text and images to stimulate discussion. Encourage active participation through measuring tools, such as interactive rulers or protractors. Connect their senses with sounds, colors and videos that make your lessons click. Record everything, share / save for the next class. See them smile when they ‘understand’. And experience teaching in a classroom where students look forward to the next day.

Hands-on learning

Delivering dynamic lessons is easy with the SMART Board 480iv interactive whiteboard system. Teachers can present material featuring large, vibrant images. Kinesthetic and visual learners will benefit from interacting with lesson content – moving letters, numbers, words and pictures with their fingers. And students with special needs benefit by being able to see, read and manipulate information more easily.

Best-in-class resourcessmart board

Discover free, ready-to-use educational resources on the SMART Exchange website. This vibrant online community makes it easy for teachers to quickly find, evaluate, download and share a variety of classroom-relevant content, including thousands of standards-correlated SMART Notebook lesson activities. They can connect with colleagues in their districts or around the globe to exchange lesson activities, ideas, insights and success stories.

Teachers can also add flexibility to curricula by using the 480iv to access the Internet or integrate multimedia content. They can explore a website with their students, give a science presentation or take their class on a virtual field trip without ever leaving the interactive whiteboard. Because it works with a variety of multimedia content and file types, the SMART Board interactive whiteboard system can help teachers engage students by making learning more dynamic.

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