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High End, Bespoke, Luxury Home Cinema Systems, Design and Installation.

Choosing a home cinema system is a difficult decision, even a daunting one, and knowing where to go to find a system can be a hard enough proposition in itself. But finding an independent dealer that can offer the kind of installation service and expertise required for a high quality home audio and/or home cinema set-up is a vital part of the buying process.

With extensive home cinema expertise offering the right combination of high quality installation service values and all-important home cinema product knowledge, the selected dealerships will ease the path to a successful home cinema purchase.

Your dealership/installer can assist you not only in the purchase of individual home cinema products, but will also offer a full consultation on the possibilities of custom installation and home cinema set-ups.

We have selected a small group of the finest manufactures from the world of custom home cinema installation for your perusal.

If you are feeling inspired and ready to take the next step to your very own home cinema installation, please call us on +91-9866229012 or fill in our contact form and somebody will get back to you shortly with more information about your home cinema installation process.


home theater solutions

home theater solutions

What we do

We design, install and calibrate audio visual systems  with the minimum of fuss to make the complicated simple – whether you are looking for a simple TV on the wall with decent sound, a way to enjoy music around your house or even a wonderful dedicated home cinema room.

Too many remote controls? We can help you take control with simpler all in one controllers programmed by us to make everyday operation a cinch.

Confused about Sky TV or distributing digital media to different rooms? We’ll show you how to do this properly and even take care of the installation.

Looking for the best picture and sound? You can experience it first hand in our demonstration rooms to get a clear idea of what is possible and how it should look and sound – unlike many other custom installation companies you can “test drive” our systems rather than take our word for it. We are confident that our systems will impress with properly calibrated equipment in comfortable room settings.


Boutique home cinema

A great home cinema doesn’t need a big room to make it work – we love the challenge of incorporating great picture and sound in smaller rooms. It’s definitely a cosier and more intimate experience.

In fact our dedicated in-store home cinema room shows exactly what can be achieved, this room measures just 3m wide x 4.5m long , and with the combination of MK’s THX loudspeakers and JVC’s latest 3D projector it’s definitely a stunning way to watch a movie or special event.

So, if you have a spare room or even a garage or basement to convert, you can factor in your own home cinema in that space. Why not give us a call or fill in the consultation form and we’ll get back to you with a proposal.

Get Wired

These days our lives are made easier and more enjoyable by products designed to do tasks whether for work or for pleasure, and getting your home “networked” and wired correctly is a great investment in the future.

If you’re refurbishing a home or building a new one the time is right to get those cables in place, and we can help with designing wiring requirements for you.
We’ll handle TV, Internet and distributed audio and video, working closely with site electricians and builders from first fix to final fit.

Home Cinema Lighting

Controlling the lighting in your home brings many advantages, the ability to raise and lower lights to create lighting moods as well as more efficient control leading to longer lasting bulb life.

We can provide simple one room solutions or whole house lighting, working with your lighting design to create lighting schemes controlled from keypads on the wall or even an iPad or iPhone.

Design and acoustic treatment

A dedicated home cinema space can benefit from acoustic treatment to enhance the sound experience; we work together with a specialist acoustic company and can improve a room’s acoustic performance together with helping to control the effect of reflected light from projectors.

Our own demonstration room features a fabric panel system which transformed the previously over bright sound into a super sounding experience. Call in to touch and listen.