Benq Pointwrite interactive whiteboard.

| August 4, 2015

More Users, More IdeasBenq pw01 hyderabad

The BenQ PointWrite technology comes featuring multi-pens collaboration allowing up to 4 students to contribute at once. With 1-second auto calibration and fast writing response time, BenQ PointWrite is effortless to set up and ensures an ultra smooth, interruption-free writing experience.

Interactive Learning with BenQ’s Leading Technology

Benq PointWrite Technology
Allows More Students Participation at Once
Keeping students involved and engaged is a central practice in the BenQ Classroom IQ concept-and PointWrite™ is a great way to let multiple students contribute at once. Teachers can get up to 4 students to come up to the board and collaborate simutaneously with PointWrite™ pens. Quizzes, board work, presentations and games will never be the same! Benq PointWrite is effortless to set up and cost efficient, making it flexible, affordable option of multi-pens.

Benq pointwrite interactive whiteboard hyderabad.

Easy Installation & Quick Set-upBenq pointwrite hyderabad

Benq PointWrite is effortless to set up and use with only 1 second auto calibration, easy installation and mounting.*The speed of auto calibration will depend on CPU power of computer

Fast Writing Response Time

The BenQ PointWrite requires a maximum 0.016-second writng response time ensures an ultra smooth, interruption-free writing experience for teachers and students.

Low Maintenance Cost

The BenQ PointWrite pens are low maintenance and cost-friendly for bught-conscious schools or institutions.

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