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| April 8, 2012

If you have a demanding commercial or industrial application or you just like to watch a lot of high definition TV and Blu-ray discs in your home media room, the InFocus IN114ST Ultra Short Throw DLP Projector is exactly suits smart classroom what you need. With its 24/7-rated duty cycle, it’s all projection, all the time.
With 2500 ANSI lumens at a 4000:1 contrast ratio the IN114ST can project large, bright images even when it’s up against substantial ambient light. Even with its rugged design and high projection power it has all of the features you’d expect in an advanced projector.Short-Throw-Projector-Mount
It’s got a 100 to 240 V AC 50/60 Hz power supply. Its onscreen display (OSD) offers 19 languages. It can project NTSC, PAL and SECAM video. Its HD capabilities include 720p, 1080i and 1080p and it’s PC and Mac compatible. The IN114ST can not only project all the time, it can do it with a wide variety of signals in most of the world.
With a Texas Instruments DLP imager with BrilliantColor, the IN114ST not only works hard but, well, brilliantly. Ironically, DLP chipsets not only produce some of the most intensely vivid and beautiful images of any technology, they actually save you time, money and in permanent installations, the possibility of skinned knuckles too. DLP chips don’t require filters that have to be periodically cleaned and replaced.

Lowest Total Cost of Ownership for smart classroom 
smart interactive board 2The IN114ST is the lowest priced office / classroom short throw projector we’ve ever offered, and its lamp lasts 50% longer than the previous generation. There aren’t even any filters to replace. It’s an unbeatable value
High Brightness and High Contrast
The image quality of this projector will not disappoint. With 2500 lumens, this projector will give you bright, clear images with the lights on, and the high 4000:1 contrast ratio adds sharpness with darker blacks and whiter whites
Preset Modes
Preset modes give you the best image quality on a beige wall, whiteboard, blackboard or other surface
Compact, Slim and Light
The IN114ST is small and lightweight for easy portability from one room or building to the next. It’s slim design is only 2.8″ (70mm) tall and weighs only 4.9 lb. (2.2kg)
Easy to Maintain
The IN114 projector is easy to maintain because there are no filters to buy or replace. It is rated for 24/7, non-stop operation, and the lamp door is on top for easy lamp replacement when the projector is installed
Top-Notch Image Technology
The device provides quality images and true-to-life colors with DLP technology and BrilliantColor implementation
Eco Mode
Eco Mode, ideal for low-light situations, extends lamp life and uses less energy. Average lamp life is 6000 hours when in eco mode and 5000 hours in normal mode
3D Ready
Project 3D content to improve learning and retention of complex concepts

Classroom Furniture Imitates Life

Identifying trends enables foresight. Sometimes those trends appear in obscure places and people don’t make the connection. For example, in education circles, what’s to be learned by looking at the kind of classroom furniture being manufactured these days? I think it is something significant.

Perhaps it is best to first consider that schools, colleges and universities,the ultimate destination of many of many K-12 students, are now seeking to “host the discussion” rather than simply house the genius. In other words, they want to be the facilitators of innovation. It takes student collaboration to achieve this.The ability to work successfully in groups is a 21st Century skill and is not innate simply because we’re human.
University building construction and renovation is reflecting this shift as spaces are being created to accommodate the goal of social learning. At the K-12 level, classroom configuration changes have been occurring to allow for both group and individual work. Why? At the core of the 21st Cenury learning environment is the use of classroom technology which includes computers, 3D classroom projectors, whiteboards, document cameras, mobile devices, tablets and many new forms of interactive technology. Therefore, classroom furniture manufacturers play a role in supporting these new spaces created for collaboration. They do this by allowing the technology to be used in the classroom and not be stymied by the severe limitations that a room’s furniture can impose. To that end, they are creating things like mobile device carts for charging and synching technology, mobile interactive white boards, and mobile tables for computers and student interaction. There are a host of other examples as well. Watch the trends in manufacturing, they tell us a lot about ourselves.

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