Hitachi interactive board FX79E1

| April 29, 2013

Introducing the new Hitachi interactive board, from Hitachi especially designed to help you to get most of the training :

The new FX-79E1 is the latest in “dual touch” whiteboard technology from Hitachi . This Hitachi Interactive board is replacing the FX-Trio and is now their flagship interactive whiteboard. There have been several advancements made and most notably, is the new steel surface. Unlike the Trioboard, this surface is dry erase friendly and can withstand the rigors of every day dry-erase ink writing. It is now also magnetic. Additionally, the FX-79E1 is slightly larger, yet due to advancements in materials.

Now with USB 2.0 support, this board is powered through the USB cable so you do not have to worry about finding an electrical outlet.

As with past Hitachi Interactive board, durability remains a key advantage over the competition. There are no circuits inside the board, only on the edge of the board. This means you can literally put bullets through the surface and the board will still work fine, whereas most other boards would be rendered useless once the surface is pierced. This is a huge selling point because accidents do happen. We commonly see boards ruined from moving them carelessly and also malicious students gouging the surface. Of all the products we sell, this is the most durable touch sensitive model. With touch sensitive technology, you do not have to worry about losing or breaking In addition, the board does come with a passive stylus (not electronic) for those that feel more comfortable writing with a pen instead of a finger.

Hitachi has also incorporated a faster response time, making for a much better whiteboard experience. The smoother multi-touch support is faster and more fluid than the previous generation Trioboard. This is due to the new Infrared Ray Shading Detection System, the latest technology from the global leader in  interactive board.

hitachi interactive board


Support of different OS: Windows, Mac, Linux

Customization floating toolbar

Hand writing recognition

Variety of digital inks

Export notes to various file formats

Direct access to the Internet, Google image search

Import Microsoft Office files

Supports IWB Common File Format (CFF) for easy sharing of educational content

Remote conferencing feature included.



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