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The world’s leader in display platforms

TI DLP® technology is the world’s leader in display platform technology empowering leading electronics manufacturers, scientists, and engineers to develop innovative display and non-display products. DLP technology is used in a wide range of products from ultra-compact pico projectors to measuring and sensing applications to the award-winning DLP Cinema® products, the world’s leading digital cinema technology.
DLP technology innovations and advantages

DLP technology has a history of innovations, such as DLP BrilliantColor™ and DLP IntelliBright™, ensuring sharp, long-lasting and precise color images in the smallest projectors or the largest digital cinema movie screens.

With distinct advantages over nearly every other display platform, DLP technology is the preferred choice for consumer and professional products. Not only a leader in consumer projection, DLP technology is redefining industrial, medical, telecom, security, and many other applications.

Why choose products that use DLP technology?




Long-lasting color accuracy                                                                                  Great image quality with proven high reliability
Low power consumption                                                                                       Low cost of ownership
Wide range of products and applications for many markets                         Based on the award-winning DLP Cinema

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